Sarah Pope : Lead singer and songwriter - Just Sarah

Just Sarah is a relatively new band who came onto the music scene almost a year ago but who has already caught the attention of the Cape Town music industry and is ready to take flight. It is a three-piece band. Lead singer and songwriter, Sarah Pope, through her voice, creates an atmosphere of rough and sultry, combined with an upbeat tempo and at times a jazz intermission of drumming, brings about a sound that is easy to listen to yet full of interesting melodic variations.

Having started as a solo act, the addition of Damian Upton on Bass and Steven Jacobson on drums, has only added to Sarah's spontaneity and reputation for being a bit crazy and always up for
a big party.

Just Sarah has just finished their debut national tour as a follow-up to the launch of Just Sarah's first acoustic rock CD which was held on 16 March this year at Zula Bar on Long Street. They have gigged in venues around Cape Town with the likes of Karma, Love Jones, Tait and Laurie Levine from Johannesburg .